What now MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all those ‘others’?

My dear friend Chris responded to my comment about her. She said my articles are still too cheong hei. I told her that Kay likes them long. Chris replied that when it comes to sex she likes it long. But she prefers the articles to be short and sweet. So, for Chris, this is my article dedicated to you, a dear friend I shall always remember as a pendatang to Malaysia.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Umno never rejects talks with PAS

Umno has never rejected discussions with any opposition parties on Islamic issues, according to two top Umno leaders.

Umno vice-president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said if the PAS leaders showed such political maturity, Umno would welcome them but not if they were politically emotional.

Ahmad Zahid, who is also the member of parliament for Bagan Datoh, said this to reporters after launching the ‘Program Juara Rakyat’ for the constituency today.

He was commenting on the suggestion by PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yesterday that Umno and PAS should sit together to discuss issues on Islamic religion instead of wasting time quarrelling on politics.

Ahmad Zahid, who is also the defence minister, hoped that the open attitude of Nik Aziz would continue and that his followers would emulate him by not issuing statements that could divide the ummah.

Meanwhile, Umno information chief Ahmad Maslan said the PAS’ suggestion to cooperate with Umno would be left to the party leadership to consider.

Ahmad, who is also a deputy minister in the prime minister’s department, said the suggestion was not the first time made by the opposition party concerned, but they usually failed to achieve the desired decision.

“It’s up to the top leadership of Umno and the BN to consider the suggestion.

“But if there is any hope of solidarity and spirit of friendship between the two largest Malay party, then the benefit would be enjoyed by all Malaysians,” he said in his SMS to Bernama.

He said that in the past, PAS had proposed a solidarity government which was welcomed by Umno president Najib Abdul Razak and deputy president Muhyiddin Yassin.

“But when the matter was brought up for discussion with the DAP and PKR, they certainly did not agree. So, it’s better that PAS discusses with Umno and BN.

“Previously, the door for dialogue was again opened when Nik Aziz agreed that the Kelantan government established good relations with the federal government, but later disagreed.

“We became confused, and is PAS merely playing politics,” he said.

Ahmad said the suggestion would crop up each time the opposition pact appeared to be heading for a split. – Bernama


There are four races in Malaysia. We have Malays, Chinese, Indians and then we have ‘others’, in that order of priority. Malays own this land, so we call them the sons of the soil or Bumiputera. Some, of course, are sons of the night soil because of the shit they carry around.

The Chinese are the pendatang (immigrants) who came to this country as prostitutes, according to the Prime Minister’s special officer in the blue Proton Saga. The Indians, in turn, came to Malaysia as beggars, according to the man who was at the scene the day Sirul and Azilah kidnapped Altantuya and subsequently murdered her.

Then we have the lain-lain or ‘others’ who do not fit into the main three racial groupings. The Indians of the Muslim faith are not Indians but Bumiputeras. They are, in fact, the powerbase of Umno, the main component member of the ruling coalition, Barisan Nasional. They fight for Malay rights, burn effigies of Chinese opposition leaders, and threaten all those who question the supremacy of the Malays, Ketuanan Melayu, with another May 13, the infamous race riots of 1969.

The Prime Minister’s special officer is actually not entirely wrong in saying that the Chinese are prostitutes — at least those Chinese in Barisan Nasional. They serve their Malay masters in Umno and allow Umno not only to rule but also to sodomise the voters and taxpayers.

Do you know about 20 years or so ago, for a brief period, there was no Umno in Barisan Nasional? Umno had actually been declared illegal and was wound up by the Registrar of Societies.

So this made MCA, a Chinese party, the largest and main component member of Barisan Nasional. And the President of the largest and main component member of Barisan Nasional, MCA, was of course also the Chairman of Barisan Nasional. And this, therefore, effectively made him the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

But the President of MCA, who was also the new Chairman of Barisan Nasional, did not take over as Prime Minister of Malaysia, as he should have. Instead, he allowed an independent Member of Parliament, who was now without any party, to continue as Prime Minister.

This Prime Minister did not command the confidence of the majority in Parliament. In fact, he had no party whatsoever. He was just one man, a lone ranger. He was an independent Member of Parliament. Yet he was the Prime Minister of Malaysia at the whim and fancy of MCA, the Chinese party that was the largest and main component member of Barisan Nasional.

Then this Chinese invited a new Malay party that was formed barely a few days earlier to become the newest member of Barisan Nasional. And then the MCA President vacated his position as Chairman of Barisan Nasional and handed over power to the President of the new Malay party that did not win any elections and was not voted into office and was formed but a few days earlier.

So, yes, in that sense, the Chinese, at least those in Barisan Nasional, are prostitutes, as what the special officer to the Prime Minister said. And in the true nature of prostitutes, they allow their Malay masters to scold them, insult them, threaten them, screw them, and tell them to go back to China.

And the Indians in Barisan Nasional, who no longer have any political strength and should instead be kicked out of the coalition, beg to be allowed to stay. And they beg for one or two seats to contest the elections. And even after they have been scolded and told to leave Barisan Nasional and to go back to India if they start demanding seats to contest, they still stay and still keep begging for seats.

So, is the special officer to the Prime Minister wrong in saying that the Indians are beggars? Have they not been chased away and asked to leave if they want to ask for seats? And do they not continue to stay and beg?

Umno is still asking PAS to go to bed with them. Your husband is inviting another woman to go to bed with him. The woman is of course already married to someone else. But your husband is still trying to seduce this woman into jumping into bed with him.

The woman has said no. The woman has asked your husband to go screw himself. But your husband is persistent and is still begging this woman to drop her panties and to jump into bed with him.

And what do you do? You keep quiet and continue to stay married to him even after he scolded you and asked you to get out and leave this country. And openly, in front of you, he insults you, disgraces you, and appeals to this other woman to leave her husband and jump into bed with him.

Yes, the Chinese and Indians have no maruah (dignity). I would not call them prostitutes because it is an insult to prostitutes. I would not call them beggars because Islam asks us to look after the interests of poor and destitute people by paying zakat (tithe). Prostitutes and beggars is too good a word to use on these Chinese and Indians. They are worse than prostitutes and beggars.

Sumber Malaysia Today

So..kawan-kawan masyarakat Cina dan India di Labuan ni masih nak sokong dan undi umNO/Bn. Undi means bersetuju dengan Nasir Safar.


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