Dear Mahathir, we will never forget!

A few years ago Bangkok Post had published an article with the title as “The corruption of Mahathir by George Soros “ and its good to circulate this once in a while to remind people how the country has been damaged by Dr M, UMNO and his cronies.

George Soros is not only one of the best investors in the world but very well informed too. He has spelt clearly what Malaysians have known all the while.

Malaysia with all the riches in raw materials should have a stronger currency but what started one for one equivalent with S’pore 30 yrs ago now has lost out to S’pore currency by 2.3 times.

Now Malaysians know why……..Soros has explained in very great detail….. Of course one cannot get to read this in the main media in Malaysia .

Taxpayers and voters were made to pay for his visionionary expenses enriching selected vendors along the way all paid by taxpayer or rakyat’s money.

The corruption of Mahathir:


Adapted from Bangkok Post (Not published locally)

Read more :

Sumber Laman M@rhaen


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