The Chinamen are not that innocent either

Let this be a very short Merdeka weekend article — not my usual self I know. I just want to refer to the news item about 1,000 Taman TTDI residents asking for the sale of liquor to be banned from their neighbourhood. This is because kids from their neighbourhood have been buying liquor from the local shops.

This is actually very true. Let me relate an incident that happened more than ten years ago in Holiday Villa. This was when it was still owned by a Chinaman and before Ahmad Sebi Abu Bakar, Daim Zainuddin’s front man, acquired the place.

At that time you could become a member of Holiday Villa and get to use all its facilities but you would have to pay a RM10,000 deposit. One day, the children of a member and a few of their friends checked in to the hotel for a week and ran up a bill of more than RM10,000. Most of it was spent on liquor.

Since the bill exceeded the RM10,000 deposit the hotel phoned the member concerned and told him to settle the bill. He was of course infuriated. First of all, they were not supposed to allow the children to use the facilities without the parent’s permission. Secondly, they were school going kids and should not have been allowed to consume liquor. Thirdly, they were Malay kids and therefore Muslims.

The unfortunate parent lost his RM10,000 deposit and they still claimed the balance from him.

These Chinamen only want to make money. They do not care about other things. In advanced countries like the UK, people under 25 years old can’t buy wine, beer or liquor. You will have to produce your ID to prove you are over 25. In Malaysia, you can buy wine, beer and liquor even in your school uniform.

Now, 1,000 residents of Taman TTDI Jaya have risen up in protest, and with valid reason as well. But many are going to whack them and call them Jurassic, Taliban, Muslim extremist and whatnot.

No, they are only concerned parents. They are worried that liquor is freely available to school going kids, as are cigarettes. Until profiteers (and this includes Malays and Indians as well, not only Chinamen) can regulate themselves and not corrupt school going kids, then residents and concerned parents would have to do what the 1,000 parents of Taman TTDI Jaya are doing.

I support their action as any Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, etc., would and should do as well.

1,000 residents act to bar sale of alcohol

Raja Petra Kamarudin – Malaysia Today


One thought on “The Chinamen are not that innocent either

  1. Apa Chinamen itu?

    Chinamen di negara China.

    Orang Cina di Malaysia bukan Chinamen. Dia dipanggil Malaysian.

    Orang yang beragama Buddha boleh minum arak sekiranya dia bukan seorang sami.

    Sekadar hendak kongsi pengetahuan.

    Selamat menyambut hari kebangsaan.

    p/s: Encik dan cik polis, siasatlah kes ini.

    Bukti sudah ada, orang yang buat ancaman sudah tahu.

    Mungkin ini kes fitnah. Jika kes fitnah habis cerita.

    Selamat menyambut hari kebangsaan.

    p/s: Minuman herba (resipi lengkap and percuma) bagi mencegah selesema A (H1N1).

    Sila layari

    (dikemaskini dengan gambar, langkah penyediaan dan nama saintifik)

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