SAPP wants Max to explain why only now

Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) Youth said Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili should reveal the total amount spent by the National Security Council in disaster relief funds, as well as the areas involved in Sabah, so far.

“We (the SAPP Youth) are so thankful for Maximus’ revelations on the NSC. We now know how much we (in Sabah) have been neglected.

“This fund for flood disasters, or any natural disasters, provided for by the National Security Council may be a well known fact in the peninsula, but not Sabah,” said SAPP Youth chief, Edward Dagul, in a statement, Wednesday.

He said as the Federal Minister must be aware, the number of “houses, bridges, roads and other utilities” in Sabah that need immediate rebuilding, damaged as a direct result of floods and other natural disasters must run up to hundreds, if not thousands of cases.

“Will the NSC provide for these cases? Don’t these disasters within the State qualify to be termed ‘national disasters’, which come under the purview of the NSC?,” he asked.

“Or maybe the Federal Minister should help these other neglected areas to the NSC assistance, instead of just concentrating on his own constituency? After all, he is a Federal Minister on Sabah’s quota,” he said.

Edward said on the current flooding they trusted that Maximus would again get the NSC to expedite the much needed funds to provide immediate relief to the flood victims and to rebuild the damaged infrastructure.

“Again, I reiterate the call to the Federal Minister to enlighten the people of Sabah on the whereabouts of the ‘missing RM1 billion’ as announced by the Prime Minister last May,” he said.

Sumber Daily Express


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