Saiful Mohon Biasiswa Bila Sudah Dibuang UNITEN?

Apabila kita berbohong, kita terpaksa mereka “fakta”. Apabila “fakta” tersebut diselidiki dan dipersoalkan, maka kita terpaksa mereka helah demi helah, tipu demi tipu untuk menutupi pemalsuan fakta yang telah dibohongi sebelum ini.

    “Once you compound a lie, you compounded the consequences”

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Saiful Bukhari Azlan: the mole in Anwar Ibrahim’s office

The following photographs were sent to us on 12th March 2008, soon after the 12th General Election. After it became known that he is a mole planted in Anwar Ibrahim’s office, the trap was laid to turn the hunter into the hunted. And, true to form, the hunter laid his trap only to walk into it himself, with devastating results.


Bergambar dengan Shahrir Samad (Ahli Parlimen BN Johor Bahru)

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