The Star is prejudice against PAS


The Star senior journalist,  Wong Chun Wai had made many unmerited wild accusations against PAS with very limited understanding of PAS as a democratic political party that adhere to the rules and regulations of Malaysia.

Wong Chun Wai has to understand that there is only one Islam in the world, the version of Islam he understood from the western media he quoted are very prejudice negative propaganda of anti-Islamists publicities.

How Chun Wai could brand a person wearing turban and Jubah as extremists? Will Chun Wai prejudice extend to Khairy Jamaluddin when he put on the same costume in his campaign trials? Or perhaps Barisan Nasional leaders who wore the skull cap as extremists also?

Perhaps Wong has been a very forgetful person about the May 13, 1969 riots in Kuala Lumpur that claims many lives. In Kelantan not a single hair of Kelantanese Chinese was scratch during such a big racial riots commotion. It was PAS under Datuk Asri Muda who chose to maintain non-violence moderate political stance as compare to the racist violence actions by UMNO extremists.

It was very wrong also for Chun Wai to say that the place or worship in Kelantan existed too to cover up the extremism of Barisan Nasional regime that destroyed Hindu temples which was constructed for more than 50 years ago.

In Kelantan, non-Muslim minority was treated with extra attention; the biggest reclining Buddha in Kampung Inai was built during Pas administration. The biggest Sitting Buddha in Cabang Empat was also build in the recent years without any distortion or demolition.

Mazu Statue in Tawau, Sabah was approved, foundation and basic structure was in place, and a stop work notice was issued by Chief Minister Musa Aman. You are talking about a state with mere 35% Muslim population that denied the Buddhists’ basic freedom and rights to worship.

What about the prohibition of the uses of word “Allah” by the Aborigine Sabah Kadazan and Sarawakian Iban by the minister in the prime Minister department, Dato’ Mat Zain Abdullah?

Chun Wai may be forgetful, about the UMNO assembly permanent chairman, Dato’ Baddrudin Ammirudin in July 2005 said, “Malaysia is an Islamic State, if don’t like it, get out of Malaysia!

On the Tudong Issue, Dato Baddrudin Ammirudin also commented on the Tudong ruling for women government servant, that it is part of Malaysian culture that women should wear Tudong”

While the BN, Parliamentary Minister, Dato Seri Nazri Aziz mentioned the words “Bloody Racists” to DAP MP when the opposition demand for the constitutional definition of Islamic State!

In July 2007, the Rembau BN candidate, Khairy Jamaluddin openly addressing the bloggers as monkey and threaten to use the law of jungles against bloggers.

In 2006, The UMNO youth Hishamuddin Hussein unsheathed his Keris to warn the Chinese minority who questions about the basic citizen rights and equality in sharing the economic wealth. In 1987, Najib Razak as UMNO youth Chief, vowed to bath the Keris with Chinese blood in defend for the Malay privileges.

In the Malaysia Corporate scene, corporate governance has been among the worst in the world that majority shareholders are free to make the minority shareholders force sell their share. Maxis Communication was brought private and majority shareholders made cool RM 600 within a month after acquired the share of the small shareholders and resell them to the Saudi telecom.

Transmile scandals, Berjaya Capital, Malakoff taking private and Country Height ICULS, EPF –Malakoff Instina bond scandals etc. also caused billions.

The Malaysia equity market often been blamed as the undervalued market and failed to lift the investors’ interests, who are we to blame when Perlis plantation and other blue chip companies seek the listing in Singapore? It is all about excessive GLC manipulation and bad corporate governance!

Only in the current PAS administration, Non-Muslim Kelantanese homeless were given the chance to own home; it was almost impossible in the BN administration.

Chun Wai should be ashamed to blame PAS supporter club in contesting under the PAS banner with his prejudice mindset. In Indonesia, Many Islamist base political parties such as PAN (Muhammadiah), PKB (NU), PPP and PKS are all Islamic base Political Parties that picked non-Muslim candidate in the General election.

The positive sign of the democratic maturity of PAS is definitely far more pragmatic than UMNO who will never even consider a Chinese or Non-Muslim Indian to contest under UMNO banner!

Narrow minded and prejudice editorial articles written by Wong Chun Wai had failed to sway the middle class intellectual, his aggressive bad press allegations has indeed hurt his creditability and integrity as a well respected senior journalist.

Alex Ong
Migrant CARE
Perhimpunan Indonesia untuk Buruh Migran Berdaulat
(Member of Migrant Forum in Asia and International NGO
Platform on Migrant Workers’ Convention)Jl. Pulo Asem I C No 15 RT 015 RW 001 Jati,
Jakarta Timur 13220 Indonesia
Telp/Fax: +62 21 4752803
Website: !


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