PAS man upbeat on unseating BN in Labuan

jangan_undi_bn_kecil.gif LABUAN : PAS candidate Matusin Abdul Rahman,who is making his second attempt for the Labuan Parlimentary seat in the March 8 polls, is optimistic of unseating the Barisan Nasional (BN) this time around.

  “We are optimistic of wresting the seat from the BN this time based on several analyses,” he said.

 He said when the party made its debut in the 1999 polls, it secured 1,318 votes despite being new and without having a strong machinery like the BN’s. 

“In the last (2004) elections, we more than doubled this to 3,186 votes despite limited complaining. This time around we could double again to more than 7,000 votes, and with the Independent candidate securing some votes we see ourselves as on a winning track,” said Matusin.

 He noted that PAS’ popularity on the island had increased because many were disenchanted and frustrated with the BN due to its unfair distribution of opportunities.

 He said the PAS’ chances of winning the seat would not be affected by the BN putting up a new candidate. 

“The BN candidate, by describing incumbent Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman as sifu (master),  has shown that he is not capable and ready yet to lead and would have to depend on the incumbent for the decisions,” he said. Therefore, Matusin added, there would be “no difference in voting for the present candidate as this would mean no changes made for the people.” 

“What Labuan needs is a leader capable of standing on his own feet and voicing the grouses of the people,” said Matusin. 

On campaigning, Matusin said PAS had already held several in-house ceramahs and will be holding more. 

“This time we don’t find any problem in holding in-house ceramahs because many volunteered to allow us to use their homes for such purpose,” he said, adding that Kampung Lubok Temiang and Kampung Bebuloh had just invited them for in-house ceramahs. 

According to him, PAS did not plan to hold open ceramahs. 

Sohan Das – Daily Express 26.02.2008.


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